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    Confused by your Cricut?

    Is your Cricut still sitting in a closet? Do you feel overwhelmed by the numerous blades, mats, materials and accessories? Do you WISH you had the confidence to take on ANY project? 

    Visualize how it will feel when you look at something and know exactly how to make it. Picture being able to impress your friends and family when you make them a personalized gift. Imagine being so confident in your Cricut abilities that you can make and sell your crafts.

    I still remember when I purchased my first Cricut. I didn’t know where to start, and I was frustrated and overwhelmed by the many components that go into Cricut crafts. I decided to make it my goal to conquer my machine and spent months of trial and error learning my machine until I finally fell head over heels in love with my Cricut. Now, I’m on a mission to help others love their Cricut machines while having lots of fun using them. I'm passionate about creating a space where others can feel comfortable learning. I hope you will join me as I teach you all there is to know about all things Cricut!

    - Kim, founder of Sweet Red Poppy

    I created Cricut Made Easy after thousands of requests from my readers!

     I found many people want to use a Cricut but lack:

    • Basic understanding of how their machine operates
    • Knowledge of materials and tools best for each project
    • Confidence to use Design Space and try new projects

    My goal was to create a program that could teach anyone to use a Cricut, no matter their level of experience.

    The reality is, I too struggled with all of the same frustrations you’re currently feeling.

    I struggled with creating designs in Design Space and knowing what materials to use and when, and creating stunning projects without running into issue after issue.

    After spending countless hours of trial and error with my own Cricut and years of experience, I finally gained the expertise that I so desperately wanted. With that knowledge, I was then able to:

    • Create the blog Sweet Red Poppy (teaching over 1 million people per month)
    • Teach sold-out Cricut crafting classes across the United States
    • Design a line of high-quality SVG files
    • Host Cricut crafting classes on live television
    • Publish a Cricut book sold at Joann, Michaels, Target, and Barnes & Noble.

    I’m dedicated to sharing with everyone the joy of Crafting with a Cricut! That's because creating is one of the single most fulfilling things out there! And a machine shouldn’t keep you from doing what you love!

    Cricut Made Easy is designed to help you:

    • Conquer your Cricut once and for all
    • Create incredible one-of-a-kind projects
    • Gain confidence in your crafting abilities
    • Operate Cricut Design Space like a pro
    Code SUMMER to save $82!

    What You'll Gain From This Course



    Gain the skills to troubleshoot problems, obstacles, and roadblocks.



    Demystify Cricut terms, supplies, & materials. Find out what you actually need for a project!


    Build a solid foundation of Cricut knowledge to take on any project with ease!

    Cricut guide by top Cricut blogger, Sweet Red Poppy


    Learn the secrets to creating high-quality projects with long lasting results!

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    This course has WAY more info than I expected!! It is the perfect way to get to know your Cricut with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Kim has such a down to earth way of teaching that gives new and seasoned learners the tools they need to make the most of their machines.
    I loved learning how easy each machine was to use and I think I might need another one now!!
    If you are looking to take advantage of all the features of your machine and to open your creativity to what’s possible, this course is what you need!

    - Alisha S.

    "I felt like Kim was in the room with me, guiding me through every step! Helping me through every cut and project!

    Kim has lit a new fire in me to try new projects and all the different types of materials.

    I'm not afraid of mistakes anymore and my Maker doesn't sit collecting dust!

    I have gained so much confidence from doing this course and have opened up a new world of crafting!

    Anything is possible now!"

    — Fiona R.

    "This course is fantastic and takes you every step of the way, from the overwhelming beginning of learning how to set up your machine, to choosing the right mat and materials for your project and from learning how to put together a project in Design Space, all the way to having a beautifully-completed project!

    It really feels like Kim is right there with you cheering you on and coaching you every step of the way!"

    - Dean W.

    Frequently asked Questions

    Which Cricut machines are compatible with this course?

    Cricut Maker family (Maker & Maker 3), Cricut Joy, and the Cricut Explore Air family (Explore 3 and all previous Explores) are all compatible with this course.

    Are the New Cricut Maker 3 and Explore 3 machines covered in this guide?

    Yes, the newest machines (Maker 3 & Explore 3) as well as Smart Materials, the Roll Holder, and the updated trimmer are all included in this course.

    Will I have lifetime access to the course?

    Yes! Once enrolled, you will be able to access all course materials forever. It's also self-paced, so you can take this course whenever it fits your schedule.

    What happens if Design Space is updated or changes?

    Our course will be updated to reflect any new changes that are made to Cricut Design Space.

    Is this course only for beginners?

    This course is beneficial to both beginners and intermediate users alike. There are over 19 projects included in the course and many are intermediate. Some are "advanced", a nice challenge once you've completed most of the modules!

    If I am already familiar with my Cricut machine, should I take this course?

    A resounding yes! The project work alone in this course will keep even the most talented experts busy! We also have incredible printable resources, a giant e-book of over 242 pages, and most importantly, a community of like-minded makers where we build each other up and share our makes!

    What if I am busy and can't start right away?  

    The course starts immediately and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. You can pause, restart or redo modules whenever you want. Enroll now to secure your spot.

    How much does it cost to enroll?

    Cricut Made Easy is offered at a one-time payment rate but we also offer convenient payment plans to accommodate a wide range of budgets. Our payment plans are quite affordable and easy to use.

    What is the refund policy?

    We have a 30-day refund policy! If you are unsatisfied with the course and honestly didn't learn anything inside of this course and can show us your completed project work within 30 days, we will refund you.

    Is there a support group or how can I ask questions?

    Yes! We have an exclusive Facebook group just for Cricut® Made Easy students. It's completely optional but it's a great place to ask questions, get access to the expert, and make friends across the globe while sharing your questions, your wins, and your makes!

    Is this class for professional crafters or hobbyists, too?

    Definitely both! We cover projects at all skill levels and whether you craft daily or monthly, we have course material just for you!

    Could this class help me start a crafting business?

    Absolutely! This class will give you all the skills you need to make crafts to make, design and sell your crafts.

    What is included in the course?

    Cricut Made Easy includes 23 Video Modules, 50 step-by-step video tutorials, over 60 Cricut Cheat Sheet Printables, it covers all 5 Cricut machines (Maker 3/Maker/Joy/Explore 3/Explore family). It covers 19 different projects with printable guides, over 100 SVG files, Cricut Design Space software tutorials, an exclusive Facebook group and much more! Want a sneak peek of what is offered in the course? Click here.

    Get a sneak peek at what is offered in the course

    Module 1: Unboxing Cricut Machine

    • Unbox your Cricut Maker, Explore Air 2, Cricut Joy, Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore. 
    • Making your first cut.
    • Printable cheat sheets - How to download Cricut Design Space, How to connect via Bluetooth, Anatomy of Cricut machines & How to cut your first project.

    Module 4: Dominate Design Space Like a PRO!

    • Learn Design Space for Desktop & iPad (15 videos)
    • PLUS 7 Printable cheat sheets to help you learn Cricut Design Space including: Color Sync, Slice, Weld, Attach, Contour. Understanding the menu bars, how to upload files, fonts, how to use templates & more!

    Module 7: Iron-On Vinyl

    • Learn all About Iron-On Vinyl
    • Iron-on vinyl t-shirt project + Printable instructions
    • Layering Iron-on t-shirt project + Printable instructions
    • Printable cheat sheets - Iron-on, Iron-on sizing, Easy Press heat guide, Iron vs. Easy Press & Iron-on materials

    Module 10: Print Then Cut

    • Introduction to Print Then Cut
    • How to Calibrate your machine
    • How to save an SVG to Print Then Cut
    • Troubleshooting Print Then Cut
    • Project- How to make stickers plus printable instructions
    • Printable cheat sheets - Print Then Cut materials, SVG to Print then Cut & The Best Craft Printer

    Module 13: How to cut Fabric Fabric

    • Intro to the Rotary Blade & Bonded-Fabric Point Blade plus how to cut bonded and non-bonded fabric
    • Printable cheat sheets- How to fabric with the rotary blade, Anatomy of the rotary blade, How to bond fabric and cut it.
    • Project How to make Crepe Paper Flowers + Peony SVG file

    Module 16: Quick Swap Tools

    • Get to know the Cricut Maker Quick-Swap Tools and how they work
    • Quick-Swap Tools Guide PLUS printable instructions

    🌟 BONUS #3 🌟

    Module 19: Organizing Your Cricut Craft Room

    • How to organize your Cricut craft room
    • PLUS Organizing your Cricut craft room printable cheat sheet

    🌟 BONUS #6 🌟

    Module 22: Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock for Maker 3, Explore 3 & Cricut Joy

    • Make a birthday cake card with Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock
    • Includes SVG cut File

    Module 2: Cricut Mats Demystified

    • Learn all about the different types of mats, what materials they work with, how to care for them & how to use them.
    • Printable cheat sheets - All about Mats - Cricut Maker, Explore & Joy series machines.
    • Printable cheat sheet - Caring for your mats.

    Module 5: Introduction to Paper and Cardstock + Flower Bouquet Project

    • In-depth introduction to paper & Cardstock
    • Easy Paper Flower Bouquet Project tutorial & instructions
    • Printable cheat sheets - Cricut Paper & Cardstock
    • Printable cheat sheets - Paper Flower Bouquet Project

    Module 8: Infusible Ink

    • All about Infusible Ink & how to use Infusible Ink Pens
    • Infusible Ink tote bag project video & printable instructions
    • Infusible Ink Pens coaster project video & printable instructions
    • Printable cheat sheets - All about Infusible Ink & Infusible Ink materials

    Module 11: Deep Point Blade

    • All About the Deep Point Blade & all you need to know, materials it will cut & much more
    • Project- Cut Faux Leather or Suede to make beautiful earrings
    • Printable cheat sheet - All about the Deep Point Blade
    • Printable cheat sheet - how to make earrings with Faux Leather & suede

    Module 14: How to Engrave

    • How to use the Cricut Engraving to make professional projects, how it works & how to use the Engraving tool to make an easy acrylic keychain
    • Engraving an Acrylic Keychain printable project Instructions
    • Printable cheat sheets- the Anatomy of the engraving tip

    🌟 BONUS #1 🌟

    Module 17: How to make Cricut Joy Cards

    • How to make Cricut Joy Cards using the Cricut Card Mat
    • Cricut Joy card project & printable instructions

    🌟 BONUS #4 🌟

    Module 20: How to Use the Cricut Mug Press

    • How to use the Cricut Mug Press PLUS 20 Mug Press SVG Files
    • PLUS How to use the Cricut Mug Press printable cheat sheet

    🌟 BONUS #7 🌟

    Module 23: Smart Iron-On Vinyl Project for Maker 3, Explore 3, & Cricut Joy

    • Learn the best way to make a personalized beach towel with Cricut smart with Iron-On Vinyl

    Module 3: Get to Know Your Cricut Tools

    • Introduction to blades & tools- learn each tools purpose and function
    • Get to know the Quick-Swap tools & how they work.
    • Printable cheat sheets -Cricut Blades, Cricut Tools & My favorite Extras.

    Module 6: Vinyl

    • Learn all about adhesive vinyl
    • Coffee Mug Project + printable cheat sheet
    • Learn how to layer vinyl with the star & parchment paper method
    • How to cut vinyl on a Cricut Joy
    • Printable cheat sheets - How to layer vinyl- star method & parchment method. PLUS Vinyl vs. Iron-on Vinyl.

    Module 9: Cricut Pens

    • Learn all there is to know about Pens & Markers including how to get your Cricut machine to write & draw with them
    • Cricut Smart Label apothecary jar project video & printable instructions
    • Printable cheat sheets - All about Pens

    Module 12: Knife Blade

    • All about the Knife Blade
    • Anatomy of the Knife Blade -printable cheat sheet
    • How to Calibrate the Knife Blade
    • Knife Blade Calibration -printable cheat sheet
    • Make a Pen, Tool & Knife Blade Organizer 
    • Pen, Tool & Knife Blade Organizer - printable cheat sheet

    Module 15: Foil Transfer Kit

    • Learn all About the Foil Transfer Tool kit, the different tips &how it works
    • Foil Transfer Thank You Card Project
    • Foil Transfer Thank You Card Project- Printable cheat sheet
    • Anatomy of the Foil Transfer Tool - Printable cheat sheet

    🌟 BONUS #2 🌟

    Module 18: Cricut Joy - Cutting Large Scale Projects

    • How to make Large Scale Projects with the Cricut Joy
    • Joy large scale T-Shirt project PLUS printable instructions

    🌟 BONUS #5 🌟

    Module 21: Cricut Smart Vinyl Porch Sign Project

    • Step by step video showing how to make a Smart Vinyl porch ign
    • PLUS porch sign SVG Files making it so easy


    This course includes my 242 Page E-Book, The Maker's Guide to Cricut!

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    Cricut® Made Easy with Sweet Red Poppy® is copyright 2020-2022 by Sweet Red Poppy, LLC. All rights reserved. Cricut® and Design Space® are registered trademarks of Cricut, Inc. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Cricut.